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Tech for Good

Artificial intelligence teaches itself to solve quantum challenges

Rather than battle it out to obsolescence, new research shows how quantum and classical systems can evolve together.

Can open-source software be a model for science?

Researchers are seeing cracks in the structure of science. The solution, they suggest, could be to create a new,...

Artificial Intelligence and the Complexity Frontier: Roger Melko Public Lecture

Major advances are being made in computer vision, language translation, autonomous robotic action and other complex applications.

True North and Tech for Good: A reflection

Fiix's Sarah Bellstedt gives an overview of the True North conference and the conversations around tech for good.

Ethics in the age of technological disruption

Deloitte believes that over the next 25 years, Canada can become the world’s best place to live and work....

Tech for Good: A Canadian Perspective

There is no doubt among Canadians that the adoption of new technologies, the integration of artificial intelligence and the...

The Promise, and Pitfalls, of Virtual Reality

Perimeter talks with virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier about “fashionable” science, the problems with money, and whether we should...

It’s time for technology to deliver on its promise to make lives better

The Honourable Kevin Lynch, member of the RHF board of directors, has co-authored an op-ed in The Globe and...