Unaaq Men’s Association of Inukjuak

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by Arctic Inspiration Prize
Jan 31, 2018

Intensive Traditional Program Development

With their $500,000 award, the Unaaq Men’s Association of Inukjuak will work to address a variety of critical social challenges through the development of sustained, intensive traditional training programs that target youth participants by pairing them with elders and experienced hunters. The project will enhance the intergenerational bonds between elders and youth, promoting self-esteem, leadership, and pride, and actively disseminating traditional Inuit knowledge across the Nunavik region and Canada. Ultimately, the team will work to promote Inuit culture among the youth and broader community, to prevent social issues from mounting, and to provide further economic opportunities in line with traditional activities.

Nominator: Andy Moorhouse, Vice-President, Economic Development, Makivik Corporation

Team: Allie Aculiaq, Eric Atagotaaluk, Michael Kasudluak, Pauloosie Kasudluak Jr., Rhoda Kokiapik, Tommy Palliser (Team Leader), Eliassie Weetaluktuk

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