2019 Governor General’s Innovation Award Laureate Jad Saliba

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GG06-2019-0122-018 29/05/2019 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, present the Governor General’s Innovation Awards to Mr. Jad Saliba - Kitchener, Ontario during a ceremony held at Rideau Hall in Ottawa,Ont. on May 29, 2019. *** Son Excellence la très honorable Julie Payette, gouverneure générale du Canada, présente le prix du Gouverneur général pour l’innovation à Mr. Jad Saliba – Kitchener (Ontario) pendant une cérémonie tenue à Rideau Hall, Ottawa,Ont. le 29 mai 2019. Credit/Mention de source : Mcpl / Cplc Mathieu Gaudreault, Rideau Hall, OSGG-BSGG, 2019

by Canadian Innovation Space
Jul 04, 2019

Innovation in digital forensics

Jad Saliba, founder and chief technology officer of Magnet Forensics, started his enterprise to address the growing challenges faced by police agencies in the collection, analysis and reporting of digital evidence during investigations into human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and terrorism.

In addition to consolidating hundreds of critical data types from smartphones, computers, Internet of things devices and cloud services, Magnet Forensics’ tools leverage artificial intelligence, advanced search techniques and data visualization to help investigators uncover crucial digital evidence to convict or exonerate suspects. The company’s innovative products have become the global standard in digital forensics, contributing to a tangible reduction in police case backlogs and more timely resolutions for victims of crime and the justice system. The tools are used in 94 countries by 5 000 police, national security and other public and private agencies with investigative authorities, including the RCMP, the OPP and almost all municipal police forces in Canada.

For a deeper understanding of Jad Saliba’s work, please see the introductory video presented during the 2019 Governor General’s Innovation Awards ceremony:

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