Egg Carton

by Ingenious
Mar 24, 2017
Smithers, British Columbia
close up shot of brown eggs in a carton
Egg Carton – safakcakir/

The dimple that settled a fight.

Who says nothing positive ever comes from fighting? In 1911, Joseph Coyle happened upon a heated argument between a deliveryman and a hotelier in his hometown of Smithers, British Columbia. The hotel owner was upset because the eggs shipped from a local farm often arrived cracked or broken. While a newspaper publisher by profession, Joseph was a designer by inclination.  The overheard argument inspired him to create the egg carton. The secret of its success is its hard dimples, which protect the carton’s delicate contents from the stresses of transport and storage. Hundreds of millions of egg cartons, not much different from Joseph’s original creation, have been manufactured and used since. That’s a lot of fights that have gone unfought.

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