North in Focus: Nunavut, Our Land, Our People

group on road

by Arctic Inspiration Prize
Jan 31, 2018

Through the integration of prior experiences in mental health programming, the North in Focus: Nunavut, Our Land, Our People team will create new community member connections, research mental health resource needs and materials, and initiate collaborations with youth centres and schools. This work will support the development of an effective toolkit for mental health awareness in Nunavut that will see local youth, adults, and leaders involved in its development. Using the $20,000 Arctic Inspiration Prize award, this team will build its capacity to prepare a larger nomination in a future prize year.

Nominator: Duncan W. Phillips, Vice-President, Strategic Enterprises, Mitacs

Team: Ashley Cummings (Team Leader), Melynda Ehaloak, Gabrielle Foss, Eva Wu

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