Our Families, Our Way: The Peacemaking Circle

circle holding hands

by Arctic Inspiration Prize
Jan 31, 2018

The last 150 years has seen First Nations experience a violent, oppressive and traumatic colonial history that has eroded the blanket of loving relationships that protected and nurtured children for thousands of years. Residential Schools and child protection laws for more than a century removed children from families and community. By revitalizing the practice of peacemaking circles, this initiative will rebuild the reservoir of social capital needed so that communities can stand together today for their children tomorrow. With their $500,000 award, this project will introduce a fundamentally different approach to children and families at risk through a Family Act. This Act, built on traditional values, will empower the community to resume their traditional responsibility for children. By merging the best of old and new ways into an innovative peacemaking circle curriculum, the project’s training of community members and professionals will generate capacity to work collaboratively to secure the best interests of all children.

Nominator: Sherry Campbell, President and CEO, The Gordon Foundation

Team: Mike Birkett, Ashley Carvill, Corinne Carvill, Dina Delaronde, Lori Duncan (Team Leader), Ann Maje Raider, Susannah Robertson, Beverly M. Sembsmoen, Thomas Shepherd, Judge Barry D. Stuart

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