Teaching Kids About Canadian Innovations And Inspiring Young Innovators with the E4I Resources

Lucie-Rose Levesque and her daughter at the computer

by Canadian Innovation Space
Nov 05, 2020

As we all know, 2020 has brought its fair share of challenges and reasons to innovate. Like many parents across the country, Quebec-based mother, Lucie-Rose, found herself wearing many different hats – including that of teacher and educator for her children. To help her navigate at-home learning, Lucie-Rose turned to online resources like our Education for Innovation (E4I) resources.  

We partnered with Lucie-Rose to integrate our French-language innovation resources into her at-home learning routine and share her thoughts on the experience with her Instagram followers. Together, Lucie-Rose and her kids discovered the Innovation Cycle, great Canadian innovations, and became even more inspired to develop their “inventive” sides.  

“I loved my experience with the educational resources offered by CanadianInnovationSpace. As far back as I can remember, I have always had an interest in inventions. This is why I have always had the will to develop the “inventive” side of my children, which is marvelous. In the I’nnovazone, we discovered with surprise that several beautiful and great everyday inventions are Canadian! Enough to awaken the creative spirit of our children and pique their curiosity!” 

 Lucie-Rose Levesque  

 Visit our website today to explore our free, bilingual, and interactive Education for Innovation resources. With hands-on activities, K-12 lesson plans, and information on Canadian innovations that have changed the world, E4I is a valuable tool for parents and teachers from coast to coast!  

As we all know, the last few months have brought their share of challenges, as a person, but also as a parent! More than ever, we have worn different hats, including that of educator. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been learning about the resources offered by the Rideau Hall Foundation’s Canadian  Innovation Space that are free to download!  These resources are perfect for our children to learn to find solutions, solve problems and use their imaginations! Innovation is also “invention”, and how to develop inventiveness in our children. These guides are available on the Canadian I’nnovazone website in English or French and are accessible to both teachers in schools and parents at home. There are guides depending on the school level of our children (I opted for the primary level).  In Canada, we can be really proud of the innovations here! In fact, I learned from the guide that the zipper is a Canadian innovation! 

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