2019 Governor General’s Innovation Award Laureate – Dr. Garnette Sutherland

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GG06-2019-0122-019 29/05/2019 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, present the Governor General’s Innovation Awards to Dr. Garnette Sutherland - Calgary, Alberta during a ceremony held at Rideau Hall in Ottawa,Ont. on May 29, 2019. *** Son Excellence la très honorable Julie Payette, gouverneure générale du Canada, présente le prix du Gouverneur général pour l’innovation Dr Garnette Sutherland – Calgary (Alberta) pendant une cérémonie tenue à Rideau Hall, Ottawa,Ont. le 29 mai 2019. Credit/Mention de source : Mcpl / Cplc Mathieu Gaudreault, Rideau Hall, OSGG-BSGG, 2019

by Canadian Innovation Space
Jul 08, 2019

Improving neurosurgical outcomes with technology.

With the goal of improving patient care, Dr. Garnette Sutherland developed a high-field intraoperative magnetic resonance (MR) system that provides surgeons with exquisitely detailed, 3-D MR images during an operation. This innovative technology has been used in treating over 40 000 neurosurgical patients worldwide. Within this environment, an image-guided robotic system called neuroArm was created at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary. It is the world’s first robot capable of performing neurosurgery on a patient inside an MR imaging machine. The technology promises to make surgeries less invasive and more standardized, thereby improving outcomes and reducing health care costs.

For a deeper understanding of Dr. Southerland’s work, please see the introductory video presented during the 2019 Governor General’s Innovation Awards ceremony:

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