2019 Governor General’s Innovation Award Laureates – Sweet Dreams

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GG06-2019-0122-020 29/05/2019 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, present the Governor General’s Innovation Awards to Sweet Dreams Social Impact Bond, represented by June Draude, Eric Dillon, Walter Mah, Donald Meikle - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan during a ceremony held at Rideau Hall in Ottawa,Ont. on May 29, 2019. *** Son Excellence la très honorable Julie Payette, gouverneure générale du Canada, présente le prix du Gouverneur général pour l’innovation à l’equipe d’Obligation à impact social Sweet Dreams, représentée par June Draude, Eric Dillon, Walter Mah, Donald Meikle – Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) pendant une cérémonie tenue à Rideau Hall, Ottawa,Ont. le 29 mai 2019. Credit/Mention de source : Mcpl / Cplc Mathieu Gaudreault, Rideau Hall, OSGG-BSGG, 2019

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Jul 08, 2019

Innovative financing to keep mothers and children together

In virtually all cases, forcibly removing children from the family home because of child welfare concerns causes trauma to the child and the parent. To find an alternative solution to taking children into care, EGADZ Saskatoon Downtown Youth Center, community-minded investors and the Gov’t of Saskatchewan came together to create Sweet Dreams, using an innovative financing tool – a social impact bond – a first for Canada. Sweet Dreams provides a supported living environment where the family is kept intact, and mothers are provided the tools needed to safely parent their children in the short, medium and long term. In the past five years, 53 out of 54 children remain with their Mom.

Sweet Dreams is represented by June Draude, Eric Dillon, Walter Mah, and Donald Meikle.

For a better understanding of Sweet Dreams, please see the introductory video presented during the 2019 Governor General’s Innovation Awards ceremony:

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