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Canada’s Global Innovation Clusters

Canadian Partnerships. Worldwide Impacts.

The Government of Canada, through the Global Innovation Clusters, funds five independent clusters to drive innovation in Canada’s most promising industries. The program supports cluster projects that strengthen ecosystems to make them magnets of innovation activity, investment and talent, and help address the world’s most pressing issues.

The purpose of the Global Innovation Clusters is to support the acceleration of world-leading innovation Clusters in Canada that translate the country’s strengths into new commercial opportunities for Canadian firms. Specifically, the program is making investments for the Clusters to be:

A national force: Develop ecosystems that create a global advantage for Canada by attracting investment, developing a global profile, and collaborating on projects at a national scale.

A driver of growth: Accelerate the scale-up of SMEs in cluster projects by fostering collaboration and integration into emerging value chains, in order to drive international opportunities, expand market share, and grow revenues.

A creator of networks:Strengthen connections and collaborations between private, public and academic organizations to drive impactful commercialization outcomes and develop domestic capacity.

A catalyst for skills development: Address skills gaps, act as a magnet for global talent, collaboration, and skills and talent development, and foster opportunities for equity-seeking groups to benefit from connections, in order to drive innovation and contribute to inclusive economic growth.

Benefits and Results
By fostering a collaborative partnership-based model, the program helps bolster Canadian small and medium-sized businesses while developing sustainable ecosystems on a globally competitive scale. Thanks to this model, the program has helped create thousands of Canadian jobs and hundreds of new products and services, and it continues to build first-rate ecosystems, positioning Canada for global markets.

The Global Innovation Clusters
DIGITAL is unlocking the potential of data to improve desrvice delivery in the natural resources, precision health and manufacturing sectors.

The Protein Industries Cluster is establishing Canada as a lead in plant protein and increasing the value of key Canadian crops.

The Advanced Manufacturing Cluster is enabling the scale-up of innovation solutions in Canadian manufacturing and their commercialization in global markets.

The Scale AI Cluster is working to build intelligent supply chains and make Canada a global export leader by capturing new market opportunities.

The Ocean Cluster is growing the ocean economy by harnessing emerging technologies that digitize and optimize marine operations and increase marine safety.