Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Cluster: NGen

NGen is an industry-led, non-profit organization that receiving funding from the Government of Canada’s Global Innovation Clusters program. NGen aims to strengthen the competitiveness and growth potential of Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem, while contributing to solutions that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges – securing supply chains, protecting the environment, improving healthcare and supporting technology adoption across the country, and positioning Canada as a leading green supplier of products to the world. NGen is leveraging Canada’s technology and industrial strengths to promote the development, deployment, adoption and scale-up of world-leading capabilities in Canadian manufacturing.

Program Streams and Goals:

  • Technology Development – Develop and scale new technologies with significant commercial potential.
  • Process Transformation – Adopt advanced technologies to transform existing manufacturing processes, such as food processing, automotive, and the EV value chain.
  • Technology Diffusion – Expand the user base for new and unique applications of technologies and solutions in other areas of advanced manufacturing like aerospace, advanced materials, biomanufacturing, electronics, customized automation, and robotics.
  • Ecosystem Development – Support for training, collaboration, and the development of tools and test beds.
  • SME Capacity Building – Provide opportunities to grow, strengthen, and scale up SME partners that they would not otherwise be able to achieve on their own.