Supporting At-Home Learning and Inspiring Innovation with the E4I Resources 

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by Canadian Innovation Space
Nov 03, 2020

Like many Canadian parents across the country, Ontario-based mom, Missy Geiger, found herself teaching her kids at home with the onset of COVID-19 and resulting school shutdown. Unsurprisingly, this left her searching for new and innovative ways to keep her kids engaged and learning while at home. 

 We partnered with Missy to integrate our Education for Innovation resources into her at-home learning plan. The resources provide support for parents and educators alike to inspire young innovators through activities and lesson plans in both English and French. Along with her children, Missy learned all about great Canadian innovations like the zipper – which was first produced in St. Catharines, Ontario!  

 “The resources provided by Canadian Innovation Space were thoughtful, entertaining, and age-appropriate for my children. They enjoyed learning about the invention of the zipper and that it was conceived so close to home, making worldwide history. I found the website easy to navigate and the content kept my children entertained and engaged.”  
 Missy Geiger, ON Parent & Photographer  

 As she explored the resources, Missy shared the experience on her Instagram channel, encouraging her audience to try them out for themselves! On her Instagram stories, Missy walked her followers through the Canadian Innovation Space website, showing them how to navigate the resources while chatting about everything her family learned. Her audience was excited to check the resources out firsthand – see below for their feedback at a glance! 

To explore our Education for Innovation resources yourself, visit our website today! Free, bilingual, and interactive, they are a great way to get your young learners excited about great Canadian innovations and are a valuable resource for parents and teachers alike.  


???? We all know the struggle of teaching our kids at home during this difficult time. @canadianinnovationspace has developed amazing FREE digital resources to help! The resources provide innovative activities and resources to support parents like us (and educators) in the process of at-home learning. The lessons are K-12 and can help keep kids engaged during this period of distance learning. The Education for Innovation resources are designed to inspire the next generation of Canadian innovators. Noah, Georgia and I learned all about the innovation of the zipper this week, which was first produced in St. Catharines, Ontario! You can download the resources for yourself at ????

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